GreenCoat PLX fossil free steel coming in 2026

GreenCoat PLX Pural BT

Proven durability that outlasts the harshest weather.
GreenCoat PLX was developed together with Swedish ‘Tinsmiths’, Traditional Metal Roofers more than 50 years ago. It consists of a Nordic quality steel in the core with a 350g/m2 thick zinc anti-corrosion coating followed by a primer. The top coating, which contains Swedish rapeseed oil, gives the material its final colour. The unique, patented BT coatings (Bio-based Technology) do not only offer environmental advantages, but also increased performance. The bio-based coating has Swedish rapeseed oil instead of traditional fossil oil in the paint. SSAB holds a worldwide patent for this coating technology (Bio-based Technology, BT).
GreenCoat products are highly resistant to scratching providing roofers with a lightweight material that is easy to work with little risk of damaging the surface, even down to -15 degrees C.
GreenCoat PLX Pural BT colour coated steel is offered from stock in matt finishes across a wide range of colours inspired by Nordic nature. The result is a unique, premium product for tinsmiths.
As a high-quality roofing and cladding material, GreenCoat PLX can be used for fully supported standing seams where complex detailing and shapes occur. It has been used extensively throughout Europe and in Sweden in order to withstand the harsh Nordic climate, where summers are warm and winters very cold.
GreenCoat PLX Pural BT colour coated steel offers a coating that is optimized to resist weathering, resulting in excellent UV resistance (Ruv5 for matt appearance) and corrosion classes (RC5+). The slightly structured surface helps to protect against mechanical wear and is easy to handle during manufacturing. The texture of the Pural coating defuses the surface reflection which adds benefits of flatness to the final aesthetic, particularly important on vertical cladding. 
GreenCoat PLX has no spring-back, which provides for very tight folding. The high strength and guaranteed long-life of GreenCoat PLX ensures that it is an excellent choice. It has been extensively used on industrial, commercial, residential applications where factors such as appearance, mechanical resistance, fire safety, long-life and low maintenance are important factors.
The reverse side of the sheet is painted with a two-layer grey backside coating.

 GreenCoat PLX Pural has A1 s1 d0 Fire classification, EN 13501-1.
GreenCoat PLX Pural BT complies with current REACH regulations and is fully chromate-free.
SSAB’s colour coated steels are all manufactured according to EN 10169.