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Falzonal Pre-coated Aluminium

Available in coil form or pre-fabricated into roofing / cladding components such as standing seam / Snaplock® profiles, shingles etc.
Falzonal is a precoated rolled aluminium product designed to deliver superior results for roofing. Semi-finished and coil-coated, the mechanical properties of the alloy and the coating were developed specifically for double standing seam.

The PVdF coating provides superior resistance to UV light, sea water, and corrosion due to condensation.

Falzonal is available in 0.7mm x 600mm / 1200mm wide coil and is covered with an anti-slip, asymmetrically perforated protective film, which can be left on for up to 6 months.

There are 39 standard colours to choose from including metallic and special finishes.

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Falzonal Mayagold
Falzonal Maya Gold