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Ladywood Farm - NedZink Neo
Ladywood Farm - NedZink Neo
Munster Road - NedZink Noir
Munster Road - NedZink Noir
Chalfont St Giles - ZM Silesia Preaged Zinc
Chalfont St Giles - ZM Silesia Preaged Zinc
Install Zinc
Install Zinc (formerly Interiox) has been working with Metal Solutions since July 2018, so nearly 5 years, and they were brought onboard by one of our Sales’ Managers.

Trusted by Metal Solutions

The business is owned by Chris Starzynski, who works with us as a true partner, consulting us about his projects from the outset, to create bespoke drawings, bespoke crafted fabrications and truly unique buildings that showcase the experience and knowledge of both teams.
Chris has brought together the best in the business to create his team of highly skilled metal roofing installers. Their workmanship and attention to detail is slowly gaining them a reputation in the metals industry as the team that ‘can’. Chris’s ability to turn his client’s vision into a reality with no compromises, has largely been his unique selling point. 

Trusted by the Industry

Chris’s small team of installers were one of the first to have been awarded NedZink Qualified Installer status under the certified installer scheme. This means they are trusted by the manufacturers to create high-quality workmanship out of their own product.
Chris and one of his main installers recently gained the Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Heritage Skills (Construction) qualification for Fully Supported Lead and Hard Metal Roofing and Cladding.
To add to all their credentials above, in January 2023, Install Zinc became a member of the NFRC (The National Federation of Roofing Contractors) which includes a vigorous 20-point inspection and audit. These 2 accreditations are an impressive achievement for a small business and proves that Chris and his team are doing an excellent job.

Collaboration of Projects

Metal Solutions have recently entered three projects, installed by Install Zinc into the NFRC Awards, that takes place in May 2023. The level of information and help to create a fully rounded submission was excellent, which happily paid off, as Install Zinc is now on the shortlist as one of four finalists in the Fully Supported Metal category.
Chalfont St Giles is the project that caught the attention of the judges, and you can easily see why. Using ZM Silesia preaged zinc by Metal Solutions, this good-looking high spec. residential house was awarded to Install Zinc as a complete roofing contract. Not an easy job from the outset, due to being in a residential area with limited access, the cross-pitched cold roof with a flat roof on the crown, hidden gutters and secret downpipes really showcases the craftsmanship and design from both companies, to produce a fully supported metal roof and cladding system together.
Chris added ‘The project required precise attention to detail, so the best bit about this build was that we had complete control from the planning stages forward, reducing the margin of error greatly’.
Phil Downey, Technical Manager at Metal Solutions also added ‘The expertise on this job is evident in the detail. But working with Chris and his team is always a pleasure and the pride he has in his work is second to none.’