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Metal Shingle System

The Metal Shingle System

A 'Shingle' is a generic term to describe flat lock welted cladding panels, which can vary in size & shape - square, rectangular, diamond, rhomboid or triangular & can even be randomly sized or a mixture of metal finishes.
Your imagination is the only limit.....
Our shingle system is perhaps the most veratile of all the cladding systems avaiable and can be laid on on a ventilated timber substrate, metal profile panel, hard metal board, or composite panel.
A standard range of shingles is available in GreenCoat PLX, copper, brass, bronze, zinc, stainless steel or precoated aluminium, however we can fabricate to your specification if required.
We offer a complete fabrication service, together with all system components & accessories.
We work with a UK wide network of qualified installers, who will provide competitive quotes for your Project. We also sucessfully provide help and guidance for self-installers.
Contact us for independent advice, brochures, samples, swatches and current pricing.

Standard Shingles (other shapes / sizes on request)

Code Shape Face Height Face Width Quant/m2
S-180x180 Square/Diamond 180mm 180mm 30.87
S-230x230 Square/Diamond 230mm 230mm 18.91
S-430x430 Square/Diamond 430mm 430mm 5.41
S-530x530 Square/Diamond 530mm 530mm 3.56
S-180xTBA Rectangle 180mm TBA TBA
S-230xTBA Rectangle 230mm TBA TBA
S-430xTBA Rectangle 430mm TBA TBA
S-530xTBA Rectangle 530mm TBA TBA
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