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Topclip Parapet Capping Joint System

The Topclip joint is an ingenious method of jointing cappings, copings, ridges, roof edges, window cills & cornice flashings, suitable for all current metals such as GreenCoat PLX, copper, zinc, stainless steel & aluminium.
The joint has a double vulcanised rubber strip attached to either 1.2mm aluminium or 0.8mm stainless steel (for use with copper). The standard length is 3000mm and is cut to length and folded as required.
The two vulcanised 8mm high sealing strips huddle against the capping profile and build a safe barrier preventing capilliary penetration of rainwater.
Topclip Corner Joint
To provide a complete system for connecting wall copings, we have developed a corner solution that can be produced using the TOPCLIP joint strip. Completely without mitre cuts, soldering or seaming.