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GreenCoat PLX Pro BT

GreenCoat PLX
Available in coil form or pre-fabricated into roofing / cladding components such as standing seam, interlocking panels, cassette panels, shingles, rainwater goods etc.
SSAB Swedish Steel's Bio Based technology (BT) uses coatings that include Rapeseed and Linseed oils, which are naturally occurring substances that are environmentally friendly and offer colour-fast coatings. GreenCoat PLX Pro BT consists of a steel core with a zinc anti-corrosion coating, followed by a primer and then the top coat that gives the material the final colour.

GreenCoat PLX Pro BT is a high quality roofing and cladding material that can be used for fully supported standing seam, shingles and reveal panels. GreenCoat PLX Pro BT has been used extensively across Europe and in Sweden where it has been developed to withstand the Nordic climate where the summers are warm and the winters are cold. This range in temperature does not compromise the base material or coating.

GreenCoat PLX Pro BT has no spring-back and has a feel of Zinc or Copper when bent by hand. The high strength and guaranteed long-life of GreenCoat PLX Pro BT ensures it is an excellent alternative.
GreenCoat PLX Pro BT can be used for industrial, commercial, residential or renovation applications where factors such as appearance, mechanical resistance, fire safety and long-life are important.

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GreenCoat PLX Anthracite
GreenCoat PLX Pro BT Anthracite
GreenCoat PLX Antique Copper
GreenCoat PLX Pro BT Antique Copper

GreenCoat PLX Pro BT Finishes

Greencoat PLX AnthraciteGreenCoat PLX Pro BT AnthracitePrefa Brick Red (04)GreenCoat PLX Pro BT Dark SilverGreenCoat PLX pro BT Dark BronzeGreenCoat PLX Pro BT Antique Copper
GreenCoat PLX Pro BT Brick RedGreenCoat PLX Pro BT BlackGreenCoat PLX Pro BT Light GreyGreenCoat PLX Pro BT Metallic Silver