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NedZink Qualified Installer
NedZink were the first producer of rolled zinc with quality assurance according to NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and remain a pioneer in the manufacture of high-quality zinc roofing & cladding products.
NedZink are recognised for flexibility and for embracing creative thinking in the use of their materials supporting both Architects and Specialist Installers allowing a greater degree of expression and innovative in the use of zinc. In recognising of this professional collaboration along with it's fuller value, the concept of a NedZink Qualified Installer (NQI) network was born. 

The NedZink Qualified Installer Scheme


The principal objective of the NedZink Qualified Installer Scheme (NQI) is delivering excellence for zinc roofing and cladding workmanship. Architects, their clients, main contractors and other stakeholders are reassured that installers having the NQI award are competent and capable to effectively deliver the highest levels of craftsmanship expected from the design.
Companies with a strong and proven track record in installing titanium zinc facades and roofs are eligible to be admitted to the NQI Scheme.
Invitees must demonstrate having a minimum of five years’ experience in installing zinc for roofing & facades, should have at least five employees with at least three full time employees with specific experience in zinc roofing.
In addition, companies are invited to provide evidence of previously completed NedZink projects that represented levels of competency, installed to industry expected standards and available for evaluation. Outside of the above a company may be considered to join the NQI scheme in exemplary circumstances based on their project submissions.
The Award of NedZink NQI Membership is a statement of quality that Architects, and Clients can find comfort in. It is a recognition of quality and is given without commercial incentives. Installers do not pay a fee for a stamp of honour; they are simply recognised for performing at the highest levels and with collaboration through communication and ongoing training and evaluation.
A project with NedZink, installed by an NQI will automatically be awarded a 50-year project guarantee.
NedZink recognise the importance of quality in design and installation and the NQI Award is testament to their future commitment to the industry. NedZink will offer designers project specific technical advice which is openly shared with the NQI's. NedZink will directly provide NQI's with Technical updates. Membership of NQI is free of charge.
NQI's are also promoted on the NedZink Corporate Website as ‘NedZink Qualified Installers’. Projects completed by NQI's will be promoted on the NedZink / Metal Solutions websites and associated media platforms offering all stakeholders direct access to project references.
NQI's will be assessed for quality and commitment, for standard in communication, and for quality of installation. This is the NedZink Quality Installer scheme.

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