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Think Zinc?

Zinc has been a long favoured material of Architects, the metal’s lightweight, yet durable credentials have adorned both simple and prestigious buildings throughout Europe for over a century. In common zinc is manufactured according to EN 988 & ASTM B69, an alloy based on electrolytically cleaned zinc with a purity of minimum 99.995% Zn (Z1 according to EN 1179) with small additions of the alloy elements copper, titanium and aluminium.

Think NedZink!

NedZink is the leading Dutch manufacturer of rolled titanium zinc for applications in façade cladding, roof covering, roof gutters and rainwater drainage systems. NedZink has been making the highest quality zinc products for over 125 years.
As market leader in the Netherlands, NedZink promotes creative applications of zinc with options including bright-rolled zinc (NATUREL), grey pre-weathered zinc mineral  (NEO) and black pre-weathered zinc (NOIR). Constantly applying the existing product in new ways, and in a new form, means that zinc continues to be a fascinating and inspiring product. The development of NedZink Pro-Tec, a double layer polymer protective coating on the rear side enabling NedZink Pro-Tec to be used on all clean, smooth and normally prescribed for warm roof constructions.
NedZink NATUREL is a durable and maintenance-free metal that becomes increasingly attractive over the years under the influence of the weather conditions as a natural zinc patina layer forms on the surface. 
NedZink NEO is pre-weathered titanium zinc with a matte, subtle brushed surface in a mineral grey colour. The uniform mineral grey surface of NedZink NEO originates after a chemical surface treatment following the rolling process. 
NedZink NOIR is pre-weathered titanium zinc in an anthracite Black colour also created by a chemical surface treatment after the milling process. All the characteristics of zinc titanium are fully retained.
NedZink NUANCE is pre-weathered titanium zinc provided with pigments offering a variance with a blue, red, brown or green colour.
The natural properties of titanium zinc; high durability, maintenance-free and good deformation properties are fully retained.

NedZink Qualified Installer Scheme (NQI)

The principal objective of the NedZink Qualified Installer Scheme (NQI) is to guarantee good zinc roofing- and cladding workmanship. Architects, their clients, main contractors and other stakeholders are assured that installers having the NQI award are competent and capable to effectively deliver the highest levels of craftsmanship expected from the design. Tell me more.....
NedZink Qualified Installer

European Product Declarations

The EPD, which also received the ECO platform label, provides information about the product’s environmental data based on the lifecycle analysis or its ecological footprint. By comparing the various EPD’s a client can now choose an environmentally conscious product more easily. 
Zinc is in perfect harmony with a sustainable society. It is a powerful element which occurs in stone, earth, air and water. In addition, zinc plays an essential role in the biological processes for the human being, fauna and flora.
Zinc is a reliable building material and a renewable source for the future.
The advantages of zinc are:
·         100 % recyclable
·         Maintenance free
·         Easy drainage of rainwater
In short, by its key properties, zinc is an essential substance for a sustainable society.

NedZink Warranty

The technical know-how and quality management at NedZink, together with regular quality tests by independent control bodies, give the guarantee of a uniform high quality of semi-finished products and finished products. NedZink offers its Clients, Architects, Specifiers & Installers a standard warranty duration of 30 years. An increased warranty is available when installed by a NedZink Qualified Installer.

NedZink Fire Safety

A roof or façade with a zinc covering, fitted in accordance with the applicable design and installation guidelines (BRL 5212), does not pose a fire risk in accordance with NEN 6063. Zinc products fall under Euroclass A1 of NEN-EN 13501-1. Euroclass A1 is the “non-combustible” class.
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