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NedZink Neo Zinc Roofing
NedZink Neo
NedZink Noir Zinc Roofing
NedZink Noir
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NedZink Nuance Red

Think Zinc - Think NedZink

As the first producer of rolled zinc with quality assurance according to NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 NedZink is a pioneer of durable high quality zinc roofing & cladding products.
Working with NedZink offers you the freedom to use innovative zinc applications in your designs. Its broad application for roofs, façades and walls, building elements and rainwater drainage affords your design the natural and durable look zinc is famous for.

NedZink Range

NedZink offer a wide range of finishes for zinc roofing; Naturel (mill finish), Neo (preweathered), Noir (dark preweathered) and Nuance (colour pigmented) in various thicknesses and widths in coil form as well as sheet. NedZink Pro-Tec is also available with a protective backing.

NedZink Qualified Installer Scheme (NQI)

The principal objective of the NedZink Qualified Installer Scheme (NQI) is to guarantee good zinc roofing- and cladding workmanship. Architects, their clients, main contractors and other stakeholders are assured that installers having the NQI award are competent and capable to effectively deliver the highest levels of craftsmanship expected from the design. Tell me more.....

NedZink Quality Assurance

NedZink produces titanium zinc according to EN 988 & ASTM B69, an alloy based on electrolytically cleaned zinc with a purity of min. 99.995 % Zn (Z1 according to EN 1179) with small additions of the alloy elements copper, titanium and aluminium.

NedZink and the Environment

Zinc is one of the most reliable metals that has been used as a building material for centuries. This includes zinc gutters, rainwater drainage systems, roof coverings and wall claddings. With a lifespan of 75+ years, zinc is not only an aesthetic choice but nowadays also a sustainable choice. In addition to a long service life, more than 95% is collected and recycled again after use. It therefore answers the circular economy. There are few building materials whose overall environmental balance is as positive as for zinc.
Zinc is not only appreciated because of its unique appearance, the metal is also very functional: it ensures that rainwater is drained reliably.

NedZink Warranty

The technical know-how and quality management at NedZink, together with regular quality tests by independent control bodies, give the guarantee of a uniform high quality of semi-finished products and finished products. NedZink offers its Clients, Architects, Specifiers & Installers a standard warranty duration of 30 years. An increased warranty is available when installed by a NedZink Qualified Installer.

NedZink Fire Safety

A roof or façade with a zinc covering, fitted in accordance with the applicable design and installation guidelines (BRL 5212), does not pose a fire risk in accordance with NEN 6063. Zinc products fall under Euroclass A1 of NEN-EN 13501-1. Euroclass A1 is the “non-combustible” class.
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