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The Snaplock® Seam System

The Snaplock Seam® Roofing System

The Snaplock® Seam system is extensively used in Europe and the United States of America, where the system has proved itself in the extremely varied climate. Our metal roofing system gives an aesthetically pleasing finish whilst avoiding the industrial finishes found in other proprietary seam systems.
Seams are available in 25mm / 38mm formats, in GreenCoat steel, copper, stainless steel or precoated aluminium and can be supplied with all the necessary traditional flashings and accessories.
The Snaplock® Seam system can be laid on a ventilated timber substrate, metal profile panel, hard metal board, composite panel or direct on insulation, using special warm roof fixing clips. Snaplock® is much simpler and requires less skill / hand tools than the traditional standing seam.
We work with a UK wide network of qualified installers, who will provide competitive quotes for your Project. We also sucessfully provide help and guidance for self-installers.
Contact us for independent advice, brochures, samples, swatches and current pricing.

Standard Snaplock Panels (other sizes on request)

Code Seam Height Module Width Max Length
SL-25/425 25mm 425mm 11m
SL-38/386 38mm 386mm 11m
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