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Thermoseam® Clip

Thermoseam® Warm Roof Clip

The Thermoseam® TS25 warm roof clip has been specifically developed for the installation of traditional standing seam roofing, laid direct on insulation.
With increasing demands for the thermal performance of roofing systems, any fixing which is a potential thermal bridge is at a disadvantage. A fixing that is both thermally efficient & mechanically secure is required.
A full test regime has determined that 5nr fixings / m2 was sufficient in all sites and exposures in England, Wales, Ireland and Scottish Lowlands inc Edinburgh up to 30m (extra fixings may be required at roof edges) - Contact us for information on other areas.
It is important that an air-tight vapour barrier is used in warm roof constructions.
The clip is currently available with a range of thermal breaks for insulation depths up to 255mm.